Before i started weathering the boat i have cleaned the paint from the GHG sensors.

First the boat was sealed with Extracrylics flat varnish, providing dull surface for filters.
Filter P404 to lighten the black bits on the conning tower, P240 to all the light colour, and P242 for under the hatches, under the handrails, and areas around the flood holes.

Tamiya gloss varnish to seal the filters, and to provide the shiny supface for washes to run properly.
Brown wash followed.

While waiting for the paint to cure properly i have installed the screws.
The screws are from Reboesh, and have been weathered in salty water with little vinegar for more realistic look.

Now all the paint has cured, it was time for oils.

Paint fading below the waterline. I used the mask, and P404 filter.

By masking few more times, at ifferent levels, and applying the transparent filters we get the nice multilayered fading effect of salt build up.