Conning Tower- bottom part.

Conning tower.
Part of the original revell deck used as the base of the CT. Pressure chamber scratch built from styrene, with some pipes, wires, and dials attached to walls.

The ladder made from various wires CA glued together on the strip of Tamiya tape.

The 3 air ducts extended abowe the deck.

The bunch of holes on the side of the CT. Instead of drilling them i used the Modelbrass template to make the styrene substitute- with the right pattern of holes. Not happy with the thickness of styrene /0,3mm / i decided to drill in the beer can tin, and the result is much better.

Priming the hull

Tamiya Fine Primer Light Gray applied to highlight all the imperfections ie: areas to be sanded, or filled.

Hull preparation.

Deck joint.

Stern steel section treated to Euard PE. Water deflectors round the 88mm gun being smoothed out.

Painting p. hull and fixing the deck.

Underside of the deck, and upper pressure hull surface primed with Halfords Plastic Primer.

First, and second coat of WEM Schiffsbodenfarbe III thinned 50/50 with Humbrol Enamel Thinner.

Mix of 40% Schiffsbodenfarbe + 50% Humbrol thinner + 10% Baltic Dunkelgrau- applied to large surfaces between welds to create the impression of p.hull segments.

Tamiya XF-64 at 10/90 with water for wash, Revell matt 83 for streaks, and Taniya Weathering Master Orange Rust for fresh rust run-offs.

Exhausts were fixed back in.

Bow section of the deck in place.

Stern section of the deck in place.