Internal ribs

Stern internal ribs. Because the shape is bit tricky in the area i opted for flat sheet of styrene for the task.

Styrene profiles for bow internal ribs.

Flood holes 4


With hull work near completion the stand needs to be created. I will not be using the kit stand.
My choice will be the brass knobs with bolts running thru , and mounted on length of wood.
First the holes were drilled.

Looking at the pic abowe right , its aparent it will not offer much torque strength.
The brass washer cut to the size and drilled was glued to the nut , and sides were bent to
prevent sliping.

That fits the cavity of the hull well.

Two 4 cm lengths of steel tube to form the spacer for my "work stand".
The temporary stand to be replaced by proper stand once all the painting has been completed

Flood holes 3

Stern flood holes - very tricky to fit , amazing improvement when done.

After it was CA glued in , filling and sanding required.

After everything else is done in the area , plastic needs to be skimmed on inside.
When wieved from diferent angles it can be visible otherwise.

Hull surface

Internal ribbing of the 3 holes behind the ballast tanks

Surface of the hull has been indented to imitate the oil canning effect.

Drip channels were added.

Bumps wre repositioned.

Flood holes 2

Line of small flood holes abowe the torp doors was repositioned , and made smaller.

Flood holes underneath the bow planes.