Net cutter

With net cutter being crude in the kit i decided to build the whole support system from scratch.
Im using Eduard PE set for cutter, and brackets. Rest is made from various brass tubes, and scratch built brass triangular brackets.

Deck furnishing cont.

Furnishing of the deck continues.

Small hatch just in front of the 88mm gun.

Stern section of the boat getting detailed.

Antislip strips were fixed round the 88mm gun, and kabstan.

Couple of wooden strips were added:

All the hinges have been added from Eduard set. All 52 of them. Labourous task, but one that makes the deck look so realistic.

Cooks hatch

To make the cooks hatch i used the Modelbrass PE, but sanded smooth.

Small hole was drilled to house the handle. I discovered new way of preventing my delicate drillbits from breaking. I simply glue the bit inside the brass tubing.

Thin copper wire was soldered on. The edge of the hatch was made from 0,5mm copper wire, which was sanded square, then shaped to the outline of the hatch.

Hole was drilled in the deck in place of the hatch lock, and little groove to acomodate the soldered wire.