I started furnishing the deck.
First line of attack- bollards.
Couple of pictures of bollards in stowed, and raised possition.

I have 4 different sets to choose from. Im thinking of making most bollards in stowed possition, and couple raised to vary the deck detail slightly.

I decided to go with Modelbrass.
First the 2,5mm diameter brass tubing was cut, creating 12 sections- 5mm in length.
Then the top part of the bollard was glued.

Stern bollards.
Because Modelbrass PE contains only 2 plates pointing in opposite directions, some scratch building was required to get 2 new plates for stern.

The single most forward set of bollards:

Last set of bollards.
No plate under the bollards, as the deck was steel here. It was tricky, because the Eduard PE deck had set of bollards etched in already. Careful sanding was required, as not to damage the delicate antislip surface of the deck.