Bow riveting, and doublers.

It took me all sunday / from 7 in the morning, to well past 22 hours / to finish sanding, and riveting the bow section of the boat. Im glad it is over.

Bow doublers.
As before i used thin food foil, and Trumpeter riveter tool.
I have added 2 bottom doublers missed by Revell.

Weld lines.
I didnt use the Archer transfers due to the complex curvature of the hull. Instead i used the mask, and filler technique. After sanding the welds will be barely visible against the light.
When painted it should give right impression, correct to the scale of the model.

Protecting strip around the anchor well:

Another small detail of the bow. Nobody knows what it actually is, but i think it is part of the GHG for mine detection. Blohm & Voss boats had it fitted.