Stand dry fit.

At this stage of the build i started thinking about the stand. All the needed ingredients were gathered together.
1 metre length of mahogany wood to form the base of the stand. It will be routered round the edge to form the slot for the glass cabinet.

The name plate was made out of perspex, leters were laser cut, and painted silver.

Badge, and cross bought from PZG.

...dry fit. Obviously the temporary timber will be gone, and the steel legs will be replaced by brass finials.

Glass case was custom made.

Im thinking of clading the edges with strips of wood, or aluminium. I`ll decide later.

The devils badge just arrived, and i decided to drop the cross from the display for better balance.

New plaque- this time without any errors.



Revells bullnose was in the wrong place, and the groove that houses the tow line was missing.
New hole was drilled, and groove cut. Tube was soldered from scrap sheet of brass.

The SG aparatus was repositioned. I moved it back a little. The anchor well is in the process of filling in, as it is too deep in the kit.


Saddle tanks inspection hatches.

Modelbrass PE hatches were curved to the shape of the saddle tanks, and sunk in plastic using soldering iron. Sanded smooth.


Hull preparation.

All the previously made welds were filled in. Sanding begun.