Painting p. hull and fixing the deck.

Underside of the deck, and upper pressure hull surface primed with Halfords Plastic Primer.

First, and second coat of WEM Schiffsbodenfarbe III thinned 50/50 with Humbrol Enamel Thinner.

Mix of 40% Schiffsbodenfarbe + 50% Humbrol thinner + 10% Baltic Dunkelgrau- applied to large surfaces between welds to create the impression of p.hull segments.

Tamiya XF-64 at 10/90 with water for wash, Revell matt 83 for streaks, and Taniya Weathering Master Orange Rust for fresh rust run-offs.

Exhausts were fixed back in.

Bow section of the deck in place.

Stern section of the deck in place.