Hull- final datailing

Final detailing before the hull is ready for painting.

Ammo storage hatches were detailed. Eduard PE was used, and hinges were made out of stretched sprue, blobed at both ends with hot knife:

Some additional deck details:

Few hatches, and steel pletes were fixed to the sides of the hull. UT sensors fixed in place.

Stern jump wires supports.
Revells part is just plain threelegged lump of plastic, and i decided to pimp it up a litle.
First i scratched 6 brackets from sheet of brass, soldered thin wire to every each of them. Then the deck was drilled in the right placess, and CA glue was used to fix the wires in. Nice, and solid job.

Because devil is in detail:

Added 3 cleats:

4 more winch mounting point were aded by the external stern torpdo storage.