Isolators supplied by the kit are completely wrong, and arre moulded together with part of the rigging. The bow, and stern isolators are missing in the kit.

This is how it looks like in the kit:

Green Stuff came to the resque.
Good thing is the insulators made from this medium are of the right color, and there is no need for paint.
For test shot i used 0,125 mm wire, but for the final rigging Dacron will be used.

At last i have found some quality time to work on the boat.
All the other small projects have been put on hold, and i cleared the desk for the U-Boot.
First i have cat two brass plates into which the screw was attached. I made the scraw using 0,9mm long piece of brass tubing of 1mm dia. Couple of loops were mede from 0,150mm dia wire, and soldered into the tubes.

I made the wraparounds from the cotton buds, which have been stretched on top of the cigarette lighter.
Brand new blade allowed me to cut the small sections cleanly, without them splitting.
Fishing braid called Dacron from Drennan company as the line.
Custom made rigging blocks from sheet of brass, and wire, soldered together.
Threading the braid was the problem, but i have solved it with the use of thin copper wire. First i threaded the wire through the wraparound, and after forming the loop, the braid was placed inside the loop, and threaded back through the wraparound. Spot of CA glue on the braid, and loop was slid over it. After cutting one end, we are left with neat finish.