Painting the 88mm, and gun crew.

Im back in the shipyard, and work started on the 88mm gun crew.
Im using Warriors set.
After asembly i cut out the imitation of the 88mm projectile from the hands of the loader- i will turn the new one from brass.

Projectile was turned from copper wire, and soldered inside the brass tubing.

Test shots of the general layout.

Base colour was applied.

Meanwhile the gun receiving its share of paint:

Oil stains applied:

Soft pencil 3B, 4B, 5B and 6B for raw metal scratches:

Barrel tampion.
I used the end of the revell barrel, drilled the hole 0,3mm in it, and inserted the 0,3mm wire with the soldered loop into the hole.
As the lanyard i used the Egiptian cotton 0,2mm diameter, stained with Mig-s Oil and Grease mixture. The knot was wraped in lycra rigging from WEM.