Painting insides of the CT.

After my battle with enamels, i washed the model, and im starting again- this time with acrylics.
During the washing process i lost some delicate detail on the main scope, and im making the new one from scratch:

The good thing is it looks 10 times better than the previous one.

Mix of Tamiya XF-18, XF-24, X-22, and X-20A thinner /20+20+10+50 / for the first coat.

Second coat of the same mix.

Coat number 3.
10% of XF-66 (light grey) and another 10% of X-22 gloss varnish added to the base mix.

Sin Industries P240 filter applied. Easily seen under the arresting hooks.

Mig Brown Wash.

After wash, filters, and fadeing with light grey it looks like so.

Black enamel wash thinned Mig wash thinner.

Paint chipping done using mix of black, and brown oils. Some polished metal on the footpegs, and handrails with 5B Derwent pencil.