Outside of the CT.

First impressions of the outside areas. Few things need to be corrected.

All the rail holes, and big isolator hole were filled with miliput.
Lights are gone, and the recesses were made deeper, and wider. Grilles are back in place.

Isolator nest was replaced by 2,5mm copper tube, with 2mm styrene lining.

Line brackets made from 2 different Eduardd PE bits.

Tamiya white primer highlighted all the imperfections:

Contour lights.
The glass is made from green, and red cigarette lighters. Not glued in yet. I will paint the back of the glass silver, and fix them in, after the paint is applied to the whole CT.

Sanded the filler, and after Mr.Surfacer was applied i sanded it again, ready for rivets.

Rear isolators.
Wire 1,5mm drilled for ceramic isolator tips. Brackets from 0,2mm soldered on, and bent around the railings.

Rivets are done. Brackets, and rest of the furnishings from Eduard PE, and beer can.

Finished the rest of the grabrails, and steps.

Thanks to some fotos from Dougie Martindale i scratchbuilt new rear light.